We founded Take It Virtual Home Inventory LLC in 2017.

Our goal is to help residents and business owners protect their possessions. We experienced first -hand the devastation and financial loss when Super Storm Sandy hit. We lost the entire contents of our home. After years of research, we want to make a difference and offer a service that will prepare and limit the impact should fire, theft or any unforeseen disaster strike.  In the aftermath, the process of listing content losses is heart breaking and overwhelming.  In addition to disaster, our services will benefit the future in an event of an Estate Sale.

Contact us for a free consultation. Let us give you peace of mind.




  • Protect your personal and business assets
    A Home Inventory can result in a higher appraisal since it documents and provides proof of home improvement projects which add value to your home.
  • Peace of mind
    When disaster strikes, will you be in a frame of mind to think about every asset you own in order to make an accurate claim
  • Settle your claims promptly
    The length of time to settle your claim with your insurance company depends on how long it takes to mentally prepare your inventory list. You need proof of ownership for every item you claim.
  • Be prepared for the future
    A Home Inventory will not only help prepare you for any unforeseen disaster, it will help provide a resource for Estate Sales, with a breakdown for easy distribution in the future.